With its stylish design and superior technology, your internet at 4.5G speed is with you with Superbox


  • Superbox 100GB - 650 TL/MO
  • Superbox 150GB - 750 TL/MO
  • Superbox 200GB - 850 TL/MO
  • Superbox Unlimited - 999 TL/MO

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No Wires, One Socket is Enough

With Superbox, which provides internet over the air with 4.5G technology to homes independently from the cable, homes get internet at 4.5G speed.





Use Anywhere

You can easily move your Superbox to your winter and summer homes wherever there is an electrical outlet.



Superbox is a technology that offers internet service via 4.5G broadband by sim card wifi modem. Wifi modem uses Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell sim card for connection.

Service availability may vary depending on your region. You will be inform about your application as soon as possible via your contact number. Kuzey Kıbırs Turkcell has the right to change the content and/or duration of the campaign.

Superbox service is provided with 4.5G connection technology and speeds may vary depending on the coverage area.

Unlimited Superbox package is package with unlimited download/upload quato.

Under the Superbox unlimited fair usage policy, the speed of subscribers generating data traffic that negatively affects the experience of other Superbox users may be temporarily limited to 10 Mbps for the remainder of the month.

Superbox is a portable device. The monthly service fee for portable use without any location lock is 50 TL, however you can use your Superbox without any location lock for free until Agust 31, 2024.

Superbox can be used where 4.5G service quality is appropriate. In order to give you the best experience, speed checks are made during the application and installation.

Superbox is available with quota and unlimited packages. Additional packages can be purchased when your quota expires. There are 3 types of quota internet packages. These packages do not have any download or upload speed limitations. You can reach the highest speed that can be given according to your region.

  • Superbox 100GB 4.5G internet
  • Superbox 150GB 4.5G İnternet
  • Superbox 200GB 4.5G İnternet

You can check your remaining usage on the Turkcell North Cyprus application. It will be enough to log in to the Application with the relevant number

When your quota for your selected Superbox package runs out, your use will be stopped. You can continue your use by purchasing the SUPER ADD 50 GB package, valid for 30 days, priced at 150 TL. You can increase your quota by purchasing the additional 50 GB package as you wish. The ADD 50GB package is a single package and expires after 30 days without being renewed.

Examples at the top shows how many hours a user can spend on internet if spend entire package quote to one activity. Your experience may vary depending on the number of users sharing the package and the variety of activities. Package quotas are renewed every 30 days.



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