Packages Turkcell Postpaid WiFi

Turkcell Postpaid WiFi

Turkcell Home Internet up to 20 Mbps, exclusive to customers with Northern Cyprus Turkcell postpaid lines

  • Pack
  • Turkcell Postpaid WiFi 5
    Up to 5Mbps
    12 Months
    120 TL/MO
  • Turkcell Postpaid WiFi 10
    Up to 10Mbps
    12 Months
    135 TL/MO
  • Turkcell Postpaid WiFi 20
    Up to 20Mbps
    12 Months
    155 TL/MO
  • All subscribers, except for Lifecell and Platinum tariffs with Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell Postpaid voice lines, can benefit.
  • Packages are sold with a 12 or 24 month commitment
  • Lifecell Digital reserves the right to change the campaign content and duration.
  • Package prices include VAT.
  • Lifecell Digital reserves the right to restrict, restrict and close lines that it determines to be used for different purposes other than meeting the personal communication needs of the service provided.
  • Lifecell Digital Ltd. reserves the right to terminate, extend or change the campaigns.

As of 01.05.2022, prices will be updated as follows 

  • Turkcell Faturalı Wifi 5Mbps - 120TL
  • Turkcell Faturalı Wifi 10Mbps - 135TL
  • Turkcell Faturalı Wifi  20Mbps - 155TL 

North Cyprus Turkcell customers can benefit.

  • Click on the buy now button, fill out the form, our representatives will call you
  • You can apply by calling our call center at 05338780533.

Package Start Date: 01.04.2018
Date of Completion: -