Packages Gamer WiFi

Gamer WiFi

Low ping values ​​for uninterrupted gaming!

  • Pack
  • Gamer WiFi 5
    Up to 5Mbps
    12 Months
    24 Month
    189 TL/MO
    169 TL/MO
  • Gamer WiFi 10
    Up to 10Mbps
    12 Months
    24 Month
    289 TL/MO
    269 TL/MO
  • Be North Cyprus Turkcell postpaid line owners or NOT you can benefit from a campaign with a 24 or 12-month commitment.
  • Download speed 5/10 Mbps - upload speed 5/10 Mbps
  • Static IP is provided.
  • Fees include all taxes.
  • There is no additional setup fee.
  • Wireless modem is available at additional cost.

As of 01.09.2022, prices will be updated as follows 

Gamer PTP 5 Mbps (12 Months contracted) - 189 TL

Gamer PTP 5 Mbps (12 Months contracted) -169 TL

Gamer PTP 10 Mbps (12 Months contracted)- 289 TL

Gamer PTP 10 Mbps (24 Months contracted) - 269 TL

Unlike other home internet packages, the low ping value needed in online games is equal to the bandwidth (upload) in the direction of upload and the bandwidth (download) in the download direction. In addition, Static IP is offered for free.