Lifecell Digital provides wireless broadband internet services at different speeds at the most advantageous prices.

1. First a receiver is installed on the roof of the location.

2. A high speed connection is set up between the receiver and lifecell digital service tower.

3. A cable is installed from the receiver on the roof down to the location.

4. The cable is connected to the router to provide wireless internet inside the location.

Installation will be free of charge at your location, but the router inside the home needs to be purchased by the subscriber. If there is a working router, no need to buy a new one, otherwise a router will be needed. If you like, it can be purchased from our teams.

Anyone located in North Cyprus can become a subscriber and choose from a variety of subscription methods.

All lifecell digital customers need to sign Lifecell Digital subscriber contract. If the customers would like to subscribe to the contracted options and pay their bills monthly with their Turkcell North Cyprus invoices will also need to sign the related contract in addition.

There are 3 different payment methods for lifecell digital subscribers.
1. Customers may choose to pay full package price upfront
2. Customers may choose to pay their invoices with their Turkcell North Cyprus lines monthly.
3. Customers may choose to pay the total package fee by dividing it into monthly installments.
All customers can benefit from options 1 and 3, only Turkcell North Cyprus customers can benefit from option

You can apply online through our website, and we will call you back. Promotions In addition, you can reach us through or through our call center.

You can apply from our website, call center and sales offices.

You can change the speed of your package from our call center or sales offices. If you have purchased our prepaid packages and would like to increase your speed, you may pay the difference and increase to the desired speed.

There is no daily quota on internet usage for lifecell digital. In other words your speed would not decrease after a certain usage amount. However, Lifecell Digital holds the right to decrease the speed of subscription in case of observing a usage that would affect the quality of the service other customers receive.

Life home internet packages vary depending on the packages purchased. The options are as follows: 5mbps(download)/1mbps(upload), 10mbps(download)/2mbps(upload) and 20mbps(download)/4mbps(upload).

Life extra internet packages vary depending on the packages purchased. The options are as follows: 5mbps(download)/5mbps(upload), 10mbps(download)/10mbps(upload). These packages have speed sharing (undedicated) and static IP . These packages are recommended for high data upload requirements such as uploading data to cloud and IP Cameras.

Life dedicated internet packages vary depending on the packages purchased. The options are as follows: 15mbps(download)/15mbps(upload), 25mbps(download)/25mbps(upload), 35mbps(download)/35mbps(upload) and 45mbps(download)/45mbps(upload). These packages don’t have speed sharing (they are dedicated to customers) . These packages are recommended for high data transfers for businesses that need to communicate with multiple branches or who require dedicated speed.

You may reach your contract through . buraya paket taahütü için this link

“Buy 6 Get 9 Months” promotion is offered only for 5 and 10 mbps prepaid WiFi packages. Customers who would like to purchase this promotion, will be required to pay the fee of the 6 months package and will be able to use their internet for 9 months. The installation will be free and is included with the package.

You can reach the planned maintenance schedule through here.

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